Sunday, July 13, 2014

Drone Zone is now listed on the Indie DB!

Drone Zone is up and live on the Indie DB site.

 Indie DB offers us another opportunity to showcase the game, offer downloads and allow you, the community to help us develop it through the forums, etc. Please have a look!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Development Blog #2.1: Drone Zone Strike Drone test Video

As a followup to the post from yesterday, I've finished implementing the new Strike Drone model into the game and wanted to give it a quick spin around the block! Of course, I had FRAPS running so, here's a look at the Strike Drone and the in-progress Shield power-up.

While your shield is active, no offensive weapons can affect your drone, but it drains your power fast, so don't waste it!


PS, You'd think I'd be a better pilot. But alas, I spend too much time making the game and not enough playing it these days :D

Friday, July 11, 2014

Development Blog #2: Introducing the Strike Drone!

Our Tony Russo has been busy building a BADASS new model and skin for the Strike class of drones.

The Strike class is the most maneuverable, but slowest of the four drone classes. When you're trying to quickly navigate the most complex obstacles or outwit your faster, less maneuverable opponents, it's the one you want.

His design is based on the A-10 Warthog, my personal favorite warplane of all time, so I'll probably be flying this one around a lot., especially in Hide and seek where being able to get into (and quickly back out of) small spaces is essential for success.